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CMS Heat Transfer Staff

Chris Mauro, President

Chris Mauro, a founding partner of CMS, serves the company as Chief Executive Officer. Chris sees his role as two-fold: ensuring that the company remains entirely responsive to client needs and unsurpassed quality, and making sure that CMS always employs state of the art processes, equipment and controls so that each project is completed on time, on spec and on budget.

Chris also serves as the company’s Chief Engineer and Client Consultant, providing advice and recommendations regarding configurations and specifications for major customers as they develop and/or expand their facilities and processes.
Chris and his staff are responsible for thermal design, sizing and selection for all Shell and Tube Exchanger projects; mechanical design and drafting to meet ASME, TEMA and client requirements and specifications and company direction.

Chris brings 20 years experience to his position, including five years as Lead Mechanical Engineer at Doyle and Roth and three years as Senior Nuclear Relief Valve Engineer at Target Rock Corporation. Chris earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree at SUNY Stony Brook University and pursued graduate studies at the Courant Institute at New York University.

Steven White, Vice President of Manufacturing

Steven White is also a founding partner of CMS. Steven and his staff of 22 people are responsible for the timely and effective completion of each project. Steven’s staff includes a full complement of schedulers, machinists, mechanics, welders and testing professionals. The key elements of each CMS project are completed entirely in house, thus ensuring that each job is completely responsive to customer requirements and industry standards. Steve also coordinates with outside quality control testing agencies to ensure that results are delivered timely and accurately.

Steve brings over 27 years experience to his position. He has served as Production manager at several companies including the New York Rail Car Company prior to arriving at CMS. He is expert at all phases of the manufacturing process. Steve combines a hands-on approach to each project with effective delegation skills, thus ensuring the most efficient utilization of all production resources and timely completion of each project.
Marek Dolat, Vice President of Quality Assurance

Marek Dolat is a founding partner of CMS Heat Transfer and has been with us since its founding in 1996. Marek’s responsibilities include reviewing all drawings to ensure that they meet all customer and industry specifications as well as industry standards. Marek and his staff inspect all materials for compliance with customer and industry requirements to ensure that each project begins on time and finishes on time and on spec. Marek’s team also oversees all in-process inspections throughout the manufacturing process, and prepares all required documentation to ensure compliance with ASME standards and customer purchase order requirements.

Marek has an intimate familiarity with all ASME, TEMA and API requirements and is a key player in certifying that each project is accomplished in strict accordance with customer objectives and industry requirements.

Marek brings 30 years of industry experience. Prior to at CMS, he worked as Chief Engineer of Berdell Industries for 10 years and Production Manager at Agromet Foundry for 8 years.

Marek earned his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at prestigious Lotz Polytechnic in Poland.

Kathy Beers, Project Manager

Kathy is responsible for the effective progression of each CMS project from receipt of your purchase order through delivery of the finished product and submission of final data packages. Kathy will assure that each phase of the project is completed on time, and serves as the key communication link between CMS and the client. Kathy works with the client and with our engineering and production departments to schedule shop hours, monitor drawings, track materials, monitor each project for on-time shipping and communicate any changes initiated by either the client or CMS.

Kathy brings over 20 years of experience as a senior level project management and compliance officer with New York University, with responsibility for budgeting, client communication, adherence to deadlines, monitoring project status, detailed follow-up and adherence to government and industry compliance standards.

Kathy received her Master of Science in Biological Sciences and Environmental Engineering from SUNY Stony Brook University. She stands ready to assist with any aspect of project scheduling and expediting.

CMS Heat Transfer Division, Inc.
273 Knickerbocker Avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716 USA
Tel: 631-968-0084
Fax: 631-968-0184

CMS Heat Transfer Division, Inc.

273 Knickerbocker Avenue � Bohemia, NY 11716 USA

Tel: 631-968-0084 � Fax: 631-968-0184 � Email:

CMS Heat Transfer products include shell and tube heat exchangers, fixed tubesheet and u-tube exchangers, oil coolers, pre-heaters, condensers, after-coolers, steam converters, kettles, reboilers and evaporators. CMS engineering include custom heat exchanger, process and mechanical design services to all TEMA and ASME conformance requirements.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All information on this site is provided for reference. While we make effort to provide accurate information, CMS cannot be held responsible for errors either of omission or typographical.

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