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How CMS Makes a Better Heat Exchanger

At CMS we pride ourselves on excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing. In keeping with this approach, we incorporate a number of materials and processes that significantly improve the performance, efficiency and life expectancy of every heat exchanger we make.

While these improvements occur at every phase of the production process, we have summarized some of the most important ones below...


CMS Exclusive Solid Core Wire Welding ---

CMS utilizes only solid core wire for every weld. We do not use fluxcore wires, this ensures that there is no contamination in the weld. Solid core wire also makes for a stronger weld, adding at least 10% to the strength of each weld.

When combined with the expertise of CMS welders, this produces an X-Ray quality weld 100% of the time.

Joint Fit-Up and Prep ---

CMS pays meticulous attention to joint fit-ups and comprehensive preparation of each part prior to welding. Varnish is removed not only from the weld area itself, but from every heat-affected area.

The quality of CMS manual welds is better and more uniform.
All of this requires a higher level of skill and additional hours of manufacturing time resulting in a final product with a longer and more efficient life.


Superior Tubesheet Joints ---

We configure each joint to TEMA Special Close Fit Standards. This produces a joint of extremely high tolerance. All tube holes are serrated and double grooved and meticulously cleaned prior to final assembly, producing a superior seal.

• We electronically torque-control the tube expansion process, enabling us to fabricate to each project’s precise expansion requirements.

• We remove all sharp edges from tube holes in baffles so that vibrations do not cause the baffle to cut or otherwise degrade the tube.

• We pre-test all tube sheet joints pneumatically. No liquid is introduced during this initial testing.

We hydro test only after this pre-testing indicates that we have a 100% seal.

The result is a contamination-free tube to tubesheet joint.


Superior Tubesheet Joints ---

CMS utilizes rolled and welded plate, which enables our heat exchangers to stay within 1¼” thickness. This eliminates the need for post-weld treatment, which is mandatory for any units more than 1 ¼” in thickness.

When regular pipe is utilized, there is a good chance that the unit will exceed this limit and thus be subject to post-weld treatment requirements.

It is important to ascertain that your vendor is providing this mandatory treatment for the life and reliability of critical equipment.


Superior Tubesheet Joints ---

We supply only CG (Center and Guide) gaskets which provide a true confined joint per TEMA-R standards, even when the project only calls for TEMA-C compliance.

CG gaskets are much easier to install and maintain.


Superior Tubesheet Joints ---

CMS grinds out every internal seam to completely uniform and consistent TEMA clearances. This minimizes bypass inside the shell and makes for optimum thermal performance

CMS takes greater care, incorporates more quality control processes and utilizes higher quality personnel and materials than most of our competitors. This produces a better product with a higher efficiency level and lower maintenance costs.

Our team of professionals will work closely with your company to design and manufacture Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers which will improve your plant’s efficiency and ensure your compliance with all industry and governmental standards.

We’d be happy to discuss your particular needs.

CMS Heat Transfer Division, Inc.

273 Knickerbocker Avenue � Bohemia, NY 11716 USA

Tel: 631-968-0084 � Fax: 631-968-0184 � Email:

CMS Heat Transfer products include shell and tube heat exchangers, fixed tubesheet and u-tube exchangers, oil coolers, pre-heaters, condensers, after-coolers, steam converters, kettles, reboilers and evaporators. CMS engineering include custom heat exchanger, process and mechanical design services to all TEMA and ASME conformance requirements.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All information on this site is provided for reference. While we make effort to provide accurate information, CMS cannot be held responsible for errors either of omission or typographical.

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